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I pride myself on producing the most unique images around. I personally think the best photos are made when the Person/athlete is in there ost natural state.  Before thinking abut doing a photoshoot either for yourself or brand that everybody has certain actions/traits that will be the building blocks of an amazing photo. I will never force a certain pose or action that will make someone feel uncomfortable. Equally the same emphasis will be put on making sure every one of your strengths are portrayed into your images. I will always have ideas in my head but when it's crunch time my creative mind will just take over. I can honestly sa that every shoot I do is approached with an open mind. Unless of course a certain needs to be achieved for a certain style of brand, again in this situation a unique style will be developed. I can guarantee you that there will be bespoke images.


My studio is based out of legacy Gym in Pontnewynydd, Torfaen. Being based out of a Gym gives you the added benefit of having studio shoot and then just downstairs you can have gym shots! Being based in Wales has it's benefits of having our amazing welsh countryside such as the brecon beacons. So there are endless backdrops to choose from which makes me very lucky.


I am also a keen model myself so I have haf a lot of experience in front of the camera as well as behind the camera. This has given me the opportunity to be the subject in front of a camera so I can determine what cues and comminications relate to a person best and also this gave me the chance to pick up hints and tips to create great images. I think everything can be made simplistic. If you can't interpret information simply, then you don't know enough about the topic.


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Shane Watkins @ Mythic Frames Photography 

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