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All stock prices range from £300-£450 ($400-$600) depending on which models are used and if there are multiple models in the shoot. This will include full rights to the image in any format which is required. 

The final price is calculated via model commission fees and Photography fees. The final fee will be quoted before commiting to purchase any images.

As an additional service you can have the image any any format you need and you can request any personal changes to the image to suit your needs. For example a choice of Black & white, cropping, filters, retouching and much more


IIf you have a vision about how you want your book cover to look then this is a great package for you. We will have an in depth consultation 

going through what message you want to create to capture the readers imagination. As you know a cover sells a book so you want the image to stand out to the right audience. I have access to a wide range of models who would be willing to shoot. Feel free to have a look at my porfolio and pick out models you like. I will also be able to suggest models to you who I think will fit your vision.

The personalised package will cost £260 ($350) for the initial photoshoot with 10 high res edits (of different settings) with exclusive rights to the images. Model fees can vary depending on which model you want to hire and this is not included in the inital pricing. Expected costs for models range from £100-£200 ($150-$250). If I have too travel or visa versa the model has to travel a small fee for expenses will be added. There will also be costs for staff such as MUA's and hair stylists and I can recommend members of the production team at competitice prices.

All prices quoted are subject to change depending on the current foreign exchange rates.

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